Innovation in the production of concrete stairs

Despite a constant development in building techniques and engineering in the last decades the techniques of concrete stair construction had met no relevant improvement. Stairs are still casted at the installation site or transported to as one prefabricated element. The casting needs several different professionals to achieve the job. The prefabricated element needs heavy tools and machines for the transport and must be placed through the open roof. For these reasons the stair construction used to be time-consuming and very expensive.

Our goal is to revolutionise the construction of stairs.

Scawo is a patented innovation developed by ourselves. It makes possible a modular construction of concrete stairs obtained by prefabricated formwork. Thanks to the most modern construction techniques we are able to satisfy each and individual customer request.

Planning and production

First of all the stairs form is precisely designed in consideration of the architectural requirements. With our system it's possible to design every imaginable form of stairs.

At the second step the designed stair is transformed into CNC data and transmitted to our CNC machines. Here the single steps are cut out from solid expanded polystyrene blocks. After that the single forms are put together to two or three segments depending on the on site situation. This means saving space during transport and facilitation of the assembling even in narrow areas (e.g. reconstruction works).

A special coating gives the formwork the needed stability for further processing. Armouring and a last quality check is made before the prefabricated formwork segments leave our factory.

Individual finishing

Thanks to the virtual construction at the very beginning the data and the exact measures of tread covers made of stone, wood etc. can be given to each involved craftsmen who can prepare at the same time all the needed material. Likewise can be prepared the handrail without visiting the installation site.

Easy mounting

The armoured stair segments can be easily transported by hand through floors and even into rooms difficult of access. The precise construction enables also unspecialised workers to do a professional installation. Once the segments are put together simply the concrete casting is needed. Without any traditional wooden formwork. Due to a supreme surface quality there is no need of plastering, just put on the final paint. Our prefabricated formwork is the ideal time and cost-saving solution for all architectural exigences.

Footfall sound

At SCAWO we set value on convenience at installation and in use. Our system makes it possible a complete detachment of the stairs from ceiling and walls to reduce to a minimum footfall sound and heat bridges. This is done by very little distance to the outer wall and the installation of sound-absorbing supports.

Standards and rules / stress tests

The SCAWO system meets the following standards:

DIN 1045 -

concrete structures, reinforced concrete structures and pre-stressed concrete structures

DIN 1055 -

influences on structures – part 3: static weight and service load for surface constructions

DIN 4109 -

insonorisation for surface constructions

DIN 18065 -

staircases, definitions, measurement rules, essential measures

Furthermore SCAWO accomplishes the general fire protection requirements. SCAWO stairs are dimensioned in accorrdance with legal requirements of the final construction site and for the intended service load. The dimensioning of the stair is made in accordance with the most recent national and international standards in reinforced concrete construction dimensioning. The real dimensioning is based on the most recent cognizance of FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations. The aptitude for daily usage and the load capacity were tested on 1:1 stair models. Ideal characteristics under maximum load were verified during these tests. The thickness of the tread support of SCAWO stairs is equivalent of these of traditional concrete stairs.

Distinguishing marks

  • time saving at the installation site
  • fixed price for predictable production steps
  • no shuttering works
  • prefabricated and armoured – ready for installation
  • optimised for detachment for a minimum footfall sound
  • individual, precise production
  • individual stair forms are possible
  • easy installation even in narrow areas
  • ideal for new constructions and for reconstruction works
  • minimum plastering effort
  • recyclable materials
  • most modern production techniques
  • two generation of experience in stair constructions

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The company

Our company is a metal working industry and has 20 employees. As core business we are manufacturing stairs in the second generation, always in Southern Tirol – Italy.

We use the most advanced planning techniques and the most modern equipment. Among those also CNC-controlled machines. Our core business is the manufacturing of stairs, handrails and structural metal works for private persons and the public sector. For our products we use a variety of metals in combination with wood, glass and stone.

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